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Transient Flow Sim - Boundary Condition Formula Definition

Question asked by Alex Leba on Nov 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by Bill McEachern


     I am running transient simulations on an intake surge tank. This tank will go inline with a mass flow meter on the inlet side, and the outlet side connected to a throttle body. The goal is to minimize the pulsations so i can get a steady reading on the flow meter.


I have my boundary conditions defined as follows.

Inlet: Environmental Pressure

Outlet: Outlet Volume Flow, 360 l/min osculating at 15Hz to represent an engine piston drawing in air at 1800 RPM

The outlet boundary condition is currently defined using a table going between 0 & 360 l/min. I would like to define this as a sine function so i can have the flow vary with time, and not simply be binary as either on or off.


I would like to define the outlet flow rate boundary condition as followed.


Volumetric Flow Rate = 180+180 Sin(15t)


I cant seem to find any resources out there for doing so, can anyone provide any insight into this?