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custom property measurement units

Question asked by Stephen Donelson on Nov 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by Jim Steinmeyer

After finding how to get a note to auto update with information from part configurations ( )  I am now trying to get that information in the note to update based off the parts dimensions.  I made global variables (next to the blue line) and pulled them into the custom properties (line 1 in the custom properties window), which works great.  However I need to show those measurements in ft and inches, with fractional inches.  Ive not been able to find any format syntax that I can put in the custom properties window make this work, so I tried to force it by working off dimensions.  So I made a part based off the L W Th and used the override units option on the sketch dimensions.  The global variables next to the red line are pulled from those dimensions, the 3/4" came in as a fraction, but the 20 and 14 remained in inches only, and all 3 display in plain decimal inches when pulled into the custom properties window (line 2).  Sqaure one, here I come again!!