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    custom property measurement units

    Stephen Donelson

      After finding how to get a note to auto update with information from part configurations ( https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/225126 )  I am now trying to get that information in the note to update based off the parts dimensions.  I made global variables (next to the blue line) and pulled them into the custom properties (line 1 in the custom properties window), which works great.  However I need to show those measurements in ft and inches, with fractional inches.  Ive not been able to find any format syntax that I can put in the custom properties window make this work, so I tried to force it by working off dimensions.  So I made a part based off the L W Th and used the override units option on the sketch dimensions.  The global variables next to the red line are pulled from those dimensions, the 3/4" came in as a fraction, but the 20 and 14 remained in inches only, and all 3 display in plain decimal inches when pulled into the custom properties window (line 2).  Sqaure one, here I come again!!

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          Alex Burnett

          Is this what you're looking for? I'm honestly not sure if the fraction conversion is robust enough to work with all values since my file crashed and my equation table won't rebuild correctly but it may give you a start. I was in the  middle of trying to get the fractional inches to work on the width and length but it crashed before I could do that. Currently it's in feet and fractional feet (not useful, i know)


          I hope this helps.




          Custom Property Equation:

          PL "num frac th@Part_Empty.SLDPRT"/"den frac th@Part_Empty.SLDPRT"" x "whole len@Part_Empty.SLDPRT" "num frac wid@Part_Empty.SLDPRT"/"den frac wid@Part_Empty.SLDPRT"FT x "num frac len@Part_Empty.SLDPRT" "num frac len@Part_Empty.SLDPRT"/"den frac len@Part_Empty.SLDPRT"FT LG

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              Stephen Donelson

              That's close to what I'm looking for, but way more math than should be needed.  Right now this is what I get.


              what we get.JPG


              and what I need


              what we want.JPG


              The most annoying part is that the global variable can read it as 3/4", but when the custom property pulls the value from the variable, it changes it to 0.75".  Neither will show the inches as feet and inches.  I'm really hoping there is some formatting syntax for the custom property window that will give it the feet and fractional inch format.  Or I could just hope we switch to metric...

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                  Alex Burnett

                  This might be good to submit as an enhancement request for upcoming versions of SolidWorks. If something doesn't work intuitively, then it is something that can likely be improved upon.


                  If you feel like it, go to the following link and selece "Create an Idea" on the lower left hand side.

                  SOLIDWORKS World 2019 Top Ten List


                  Edit: Scratch that, it looks like you can select feet & inches as your units in the menu. I can't get it to pull through to custom properties in that format though unless I use the method above. I could streamline it a bit but this could still be considered for an enhancement request as I suggested above.


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                Kevin Chandler



                Why not override the dimension's unit's on the drawing?

                Or set the drawing's units to Feet & inches?

                Or set the drawing template's units to Feet & inches?

                Then select Fractions, add a denominator and check whether you want to round

                You can set fractions in hole callouts, too.


                If you only want to override a portion of a hole callout, then select the required callout and override that: