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What is the best way to generate drawing of product families in Solidworks 2012? 

Question asked by Jon Steensen on Nov 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by Alex Burnett

When handling a lot of slightly different components that are part of the same product family, one often gets to do a lot of repetitive work, making drawings that are quite similar. Example: A company produces storage boxes of different sizes and wants to document the dimensions of each box in the family. This can be done by modeling a box and make a corresponding drawing, where all the dimensions are added. Then the part and drawing are copied, re-named and the newly generated part is modified to make a part with a new size, and this procedure is repeated for every box size. It works, but I think it is rather cumbersome when something needs to be added. Say that when I get to box no 20, I discover that I initially forgot to indicate the width of the box on the drawing, then I have to open 20 drawings adding a dimension in the same location on all of them. Is there a smarter way to handle this situation? Is it for example possible to have a “master drawing” controlling they layout of a series of “slave drawings” kind of like in Powerpoint where you can make slide master that is replicated on every slide, so you e.g. only need to move that company logo in one place to reposition it on all slides? I know about sheets formats, but is it possible to include specific dimensions related to a part with a certain kind of geometry into those?