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Multiple years of Visualize on one PC?

Question asked by Toft Bill on Nov 6, 2018

I have several years of SolidWorks on my PC, so I also have Visualize 2017 & 2018 installed.

But they both point to the same "H:\SolidWorks Visualize Content folder".

I kept Viz 2017 to take advantage of the direct link from SW2017. But I always want to use the latest version for the enhancements.


After I installed SW2019, I see that I have a new folder "H:\SolidWorks Visualize Content 2019\SolidWorks Visualize Content".

I would prefer to have just one "H:\SolidWorks Visualize Content" that can be accessed by Viz 2017, 2018 & 2019.


It is easy for me to set Viz 2019 to point to my original "H:\SolidWorks Visualize Content" folders. (Where I have downloaded appearances, etc. from other sites.)

BUT I wonder if there are any new files installed with 2019?

So should I copy all files from the 2019 folder and see if there are any with newer dates?

OR do I copy my projects & downloads from my original folder to the 2019 folder?


The other question is: Why do I bother keeping older versions of Viz? Is that direct link worth it? I prefer working in latest SW (and latest Viz) unless I have a client who has not upgraded.