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    Add external gusset

    Sergio Monti

      Does anyone know whether is possible to add "external" gussets, as in the image below?

      I tried selecting the two external edge-surfaces of the C-channel section but the gusset feature accepts only internal faces (angle between 0 and 180 deg)


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          Glenn Schroeder

          I believe you're going to need to do that with plate instead of with the gusset feature, but it can still be done as a weldment feature.  See Using Plate in Weldments.

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              Sergio Monti

              Yes Glenn, I've got a library with several plates, too.

              Actually on this one I think I will do it using sheet metal, as I've got a cut-list table set for parts including both weldment and sheet-metal bodies, and it will be populated automatically by reading sheet-metal properties.

              And also because the supplier I will get the part from will probably use laser-cut sheet metal.

              BTW, it's not unusual to put gussets outside the profiles. I was wondering if it's the case to raise an ER. I personally don't use it a lot but there could be some of you guys in this forum, which uses weldment on daily basis, that may find it useful.