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Draping a coil

Question asked by Bob Gooding on Nov 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by Dave Bear

Hello Friends,


I've had a successful iteration of this part which is a study to try and estimate how a coil of cable will drape or hang in my project. But, by trying to alter it to more accurately follow my real world sample, I have stumbled on a strange phenomenon.


As you can see below, I have twisted a surface along a spline to create a coiled path to sweep along (Thank you for helix-helix @Paul Salvador)... At one of my lower control points where the curvature of the spline has brought the loops into a possible interference, the sweep has jumped a revolution of the path! What strange magic is this?


This is not super critical with respect to my model but I did want to get rough idea of where to place the holster for the IEC plug and the upshot would be a nice model for our marketing team to use in the full product renderings. The attached model is unfinished and configured to be Draped, Hung and As Drawn, where i will ultimately lay it flat and straight to describe it to our suppliers.


Before I set off in that direction, could you offer some constructive comments on this approach and maybe I could simplify the method? (hoping for an avalanche )


Warm regards, Bob