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    Solidworks 2018 assembly

    Ton Verdoes

      Solidworks 2018  assembly,

      1) When i start a new assembly in SW 2018, i start bij scrolling to my first part.

      2) I select the part and click the green select OK button in the feature manager tree.

      3) Than i click the "insert new part"" butten, and drag the new part in the assemble environment aria.

      But than my first selected part is not showing any more, its still in the feature bar, but not in the assemble.

      Sometimes, i see the shadow of the missing part , but not the actual part.

      I have tried, to zoome out hoping the part would be somewhere , without results

      When clicking the rebuild button, the part is shown.

      I know the first part was made in an earlier version (2017) and the second part was changed edit in SW2018

      How can i check the part that i need in this assembly for errors that might course this assembly problems?

      My system info done with Speccy: see attachment

      My video card drivers are up to date, have 24 GB internal memory,

      Or could it be just a setting that needs to be changed?



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          Glenn Schroeder

          I believe the problem may be with your step 3.  "Insert New Part" is the command for inserting a virtual Part, which exists only in the Assembly.  It sounds like you're trying to insert an existing Part.  Try the function shown below instead.


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            Dave Bear

            Another alternative to what Glenn has prescribed is to use this function and then browse to where your desired part or assembly that you want to insert is.




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                Ton Verdoes

                Glenn, Dave,

                I have tried both ways, but i keep having that on inserting any other part in both ways my first part is not shown in my graphic aria.

                SW removing my part, while it shows in the feature bar , gave me the idea that it was graphic card related,

                And way will it shows after i click the rebuild button?


                The latest that i have tried, was creating a new simple axel and ring assembly, that assembly has no problem that my first part is not shown when placing a new part in the assembly.

                The part i am having problems with, is patent related, so for that reason i can not upload the actual part,



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                    ömür tokman

                    This error is continuing.

                    Is this problem only in one assembly?

                    Sometimes I have a similar problem.

                    I see the pieces in the tree of life, but I can't see them in the drawing area.

                    I'm trying different methods.

                    Ctrl + Q.

                    Turn on / off the assembly.

                    Drag and drop the part to assembly.

                    Sometimes the part conceals itself, right click on the element tree, hide-show.

                    Generally, the problems I have are temporary. not hardware.

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                  Deepak Gupta

                  Can you share picture of the assembly tree?


                  Expand the feature tree of the part in the assembly, right clock on any feature and select show. See if this helps.


                  Also open the part file and check if part is opening correctly?


                  If nothing works out, then pack and go your files and upload here to check/debug the issue.

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                    Ton Verdoes


                    Turn on / off (hide) in the assembly, will show my part, as in hitting the rebuild button.

                    I have tried to start the assembly with an older version of the first (f) file that is disappearing after i insert an second part in the assembly, and than i have no problem, the second part is not causing the first (f) fixed part to disappear.

                    So the problem must be in the later version of the first fixed part.

                    In the first fixed part, there was a feature warning that some of the reverences  where missing.

                    I will see what happens, if i can fix the feature warning, and save that file as a copy with a new file name, and start a new assembly.

                    Will report later what the results of that action will be.



                    These part are classified, so i am not allowed to post any pictures

                    Opening the part file results in opening correctly

                    Thanks to all the guys that are helping me, and i know without looking / inspecting the actual files , its very difficult to give advise,

                    Thx again,