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    Running/Walking Groups at SOLIDWORKS World 2019

    Kevin Berni

      Hi Everyone,


      As is tradition, we'd like to promote people getting together for running/walking at SOLIDWORKS World 2019.


      With Jim Wilkinson moving on from organizing our running to brewing beer and hiking around the Northeast, I'll be picking up the mantle of organizing the runners and walkers this year.


      Let's use this thread to coordinate who is interested, where we should meet, etc. I think we should be able to have a single meetup spot this year as the hotels are much closer together in Dallas than in LA. I'll fill in the table of potential participants as I get responses in the thread.


      So, if you are interested in either walking or running, please respond to this post with the following information

      1. Are you interested in running or walking?
      2. At which hotel are you staying?


      Of course, if you have any other comments, questions, suggestions, please feel free to post them.


      As always, I'm looking forward to seeing many old friends and meeting many new ones at SWW2019!



      Link to the 2018 Thread: Running/Walking Groups at SOLIDWORKS World 2018