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Set priority multiple mate references

Question asked by Roel Schepens on Nov 4, 2018

I have a model with 2 different mate references (MR) named "connection" and "support".

MR connection is created 2 times and support is created 5 times.


But with these MR's SolidWorks (2015) is always applying MR support, even if I'm snapping on the location where I have created the MR connection.

When I delete 2 of the support MR’s, then SolidWorks let me choose which MR I can apply by hovering the mouse pointer on the right location.

Somehow SolidWorks is setting the priority to a Mate Reference that is added more then 3 times.


I already contacted the helpdesk of our CAD reseller, but unfortunately they don’t have a solution yet.

They have tested it in SolidWorks 2018, but this version has the same behaviour.


How can I set the priority / order of MR's?

Anyone who has experience with this “bug”?