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    Student Veteran copy

    Johnny 5 Not Public for Forum Posting

      I am a student and an honorably discharged veteran. How much is solid works for me? Will this kind of license expire? Is there a number where I can get assistance with this and possibly purchasing this on the phone (possibly due to the meaning of 'low cost', this is such a relative concept).

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          David Matula

          I am not going to tell you the cost, but the computer cost me more than the software. 

          it is good for a year, and then you get to upgrade for the same low cost.

          You need a copy of your dd214.  and a good internet connection if you plan on downloading it.

          It is all done online, and I did not see a # that you could call and get help with.

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              Johnny 5 Not Public for Forum Posting

              I see, this sounds pretty discouraging. The cost of this program is measured in terms of the cost of an entire computer. I can't even being to conceive of the kind of money to buy a new computer each year, my cell phones is years old as is my PC and neither will be replaced any time soon.  This is what I meant by 'low cost being relative', if there is not too much of a barrier to finding out how much I'll have to spend each year to practice with solid works I'll try and find that out.


              It's starting to look like the cost highly endorsed as being 'low' and 'affordable' and 'surprisingly low' from the perspective of a business while in terms of just a veteran or student without big monies coming in, the cost is such that there is a lot of investment (time, learning curve, etc) bait prior to revealing the cost.


              I'm sure it's a good program. It is really starting to appear as though this program is not really for most students unless it's directly part of a class and even then only in terms of the massively inflated current day cost of textbooks. the cost of a PC may be cheaper than a site license for a production business and still be prohibitively expensive. I want to learn what I can afford to learn and what is used in the private sector jobs, but I am looking into other options.


              At the moment I just want to model some box joints for a wooden enclosure for a school project to make a desk lamp to donate to the special needs department at school. I certainly can't afford an unmentionable/unpresentable amount of money for this purpose, even to get my feet wet with a specific program.


              When I have time I'll maybe look into finding how much it will cost me to be involved with solid works early on but I have already started looking into some other industry standard programs.


              Thanks for the heads up though, at least I have a vague price ceiling now.

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                  Dennis Dohogne

                  Johnny 5 Not Public for Forum Posting wrote:


                  I see, this sounds pretty discouraging. The cost of this program is measured in terms of the cost of an entire computer.   <snip>.


                  Don't let the cost of a computer enter into this.  You will need a computer and chances are you already have one so go from there!  I'm running SWX2018 and 2019 on a computer that is 10 years old with no problems, and no, it was not a high-end computer at the time by any means.  It makes sense that the more powerful computer you have the faster SWX will run, but if you are just trying to run and learn the software then probably what you have will suffice in the beginning.


                  Don't be so discouraged that you don't even look into it!  SWX is a great program and this forum in particular is a great place to get help.  Do your own homework and see what kind of deal you can get.

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                    David Matula

                    the cost of a computer greatly out weighs the cost of the program.  Hopefully you will be able to keep the same computer for a few years.  it also kind of depends on what you want to be able to do with the software.

                    I would put a pc up there with the cost of a standard site license.


                    There is x design, and sketch up, out there that will help with getting you started with some basic stuff.  Not sure what the computer requirements are for those programs.