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One external equations file for multiple parts?

Question asked by Arno Goossens on Nov 3, 2018

I'm trying to implement parametric design in my parts, using equations linked to an external file. Now I have one external text file for every part I make, but there are a few parts who use the same dimensions so I was wondering if it is possible to make one big equations file which all the parts link to?


It would be more efficient when I have to change stuff if I can do it in one file. Also less chance of missing something while changing the dimensions.



In addition to this: I might look into design tables, because an excel file is a bit more powerful than just a .txt file. Ideally I would like to have one big excel file with all the calculations for the assembly I am making (a gearbox), and then link certain cells in the excel file to dimensions for the parts in my assembly. Is this something that would be possible in SolidWorks? I'm asking because I'm new to the software..