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    Creating composite curves

    Sumant Guha


      I'm trying to create a composite curve with the sketches in the following file. I am unable to do it and I'm not sure why. Can anyone help create the following curve?

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          Jim Wilkinson

          Hi Sumant,


          For the composite curve, you can't have one sketch with 2 separate open profiles that are then bridged together by other sketches. Each sketch must be a single open profile. So, Sketch1 is not suitable. The easiest way to overcome this is to create a new sketch on the Front Plane, then select the entities representing the right half of Sketch1 and use Convert Entities (so now the right half is in a separate sketch). Then edit Sketch1, select all the entities on the right half and choose the construction geometry option. That way, the right half is still generated as a mirror and the new sketch parametrically generates from those mirrored construction geometry entities. Then you can make the composite curve and make a single sweep.

          I see that you post this same model a second time with a number of sweeps made from it and the last sweep won't work (for a similar reason; the sketch entities are all in one sketch and that sketch has already been used).



          In the future, I would suggest you don't post a second thread on the same/similar issue but rather edit your original thread or respond to your original thread adding more information. At this point, I would recommend going to that second thread and simply deleting it since no one has responded to it and it is redundant.