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Section profile drawing view

Question asked by Daniel Houghton on Nov 4, 2018
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I am struggling to get solidworks do what I am requiring on a drawing.

Basically I'm looking for a section cut however I am doing this on a bore so what I am looking for is just the profile of the shape so I only want a slice basically with no thickness if that makes sense?

My company uses polyworks for inspection and to do this is easy enough in that software but polyworks is just for producing inspection reports so I am unable to do it in there. Polyworks lets you select a plane and cut through the part with that plane giving you the profile that intersects it as a 2D view which you can then annotate.

As below :


When I do a section view in solidworks I am left with the rest of the view behind the slice so in affect the rest of the cylinder is showing detracting from the profile which I want to be seen clearly.



Is there a way to get this view?


Thought it would be pretty straight forward as I am used to getting this view in other software easily...... but having no luck