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Figuring out different ortho views - P4-101

Question asked by John Pena on Nov 2, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2018 by Deepak Gupta

Recently given an assignment in which we were given two different ortho views (assuming third angle projection) but we were not told which view (front, top, right) it was nor were we given a 3D reference model. We were told to draw the two views that were given in addition to the one that was not. Lastly, we were instructed to prepare a three-dimensional sketch of the object. However, I'm having trouble figuring out which ortho view I am looking at. He just introduced ortho views this week and it can be a mind-f*ck even when you have all three traditional views in front of you along with the 3D reference model. Could you offer help or hints in reference to my thoughts down below. I'll be making a different post for each of the four ortho pairings so as to not bog down anyone with a really long post.


Figure P4-101


Leftmost Ortho View


My initial thoughts of the leftmost ortho view was that it was the front especially since its bottom seems to aligned with the bottom of the right most ortho view. Additionally, the chapter did emphasize placement of ortho views and i had a hard time imagining the left most ortho view as the right-sided or top-sided ortho view.


Rightmost Ortho View


Believed it's the right ortho view based on its placement in relation to the other ortho view but also because the line that corresponds with the .75 dimensional height seems to align with the hidden feature line on the leftmost ortho view. Also, the fact that the width of the two different views shown don't align leads me to believe that neither of them is the top view.


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