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Macro for removing ALL color at the Part level

Question asked by Seth Renigar on Nov 2, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by Thomas Weber

Does anybody know of a macro that's being shared, that will remove ALL colors from a Part, except for the model base color (i.e. faces, features, bodies, etc.)?  I can't seem to find one anywhere.


I have obtained a couple macros over the years, that will remove colors from one or two of these items at a time.  But to remove color from everything, I have to run multiple macros on each Part.  It is faster to just go to the Display Manager, and manually delete everything, than to run multiple macros (some of which either require input after the macro has run, or a notification that the macro has completed, which slows this process down even more).  That isn't very fast when you have to do it to tons of Parts.


I am constantly receiving fairly large step or parasolid Assemblies to analyze.  When they are imported, the colors are a mess.  Each Part may contain 10-20 colors (on different faces, the "Imported1" feature, and the body itself).  I need to be able to quickly strip these colors so that I can easily tell what I'm looking at in the Assembly.  It's so difficult to tell what is a Part or what is a face when the colors are so jacked up like this.  Therefore, I have to spend half a day just cleaning up the colors (one Part at a time), before I can actually start analyzing it.  Ideally, a macro that would do this from the Assembly level, instead of the Part level, would be even better.  This is especially true if I could have the macro only remove colors from the selected Part models in the Assembly (every model doesn't need the colors removed for me to analyze the Assembly.  Just most of them).


Macros are awesome.  But I'm not a macro writer.  So, I have to rely on others that are willing to share their macros, which is MUCH appreciated by us macro illiterates!