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Extruded Cut

Question asked by David Nelson on Nov 1, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2018 by David Nelson

  Think I have a gremlin in my system, strange things keep happening.


  Last few day when I do an Extruded cut about half the time on the 1st try it refuses to do the cut.  But acts like it did with no errors.  To get the cut to work I have to close then reopen the part.  Delete the cut Extrude, put it right back in again same plane same dimensions everything.  This time it works.


Before I put it back in I tried a rebuild and Ctrl Q.  I saved and closed the part.  Cut still was not there when I reopened it.  Deleted cut and Sketch for it.  And as I said when I put it back in worked fine.


  Any body else .