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How to export ASM w/motion study from one PC, and import to Visualize Pro on another PC?

Question asked by Pat Dotson on Nov 1, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by Pat Dotson

I have SW 2019 SP0 installed on one PC, with 2019 Visualize Pro installed on a different PC.  I need to export my assembly with motion study animation to Visualize on the other PC.  When I do a "Save Advanced" from the Visualize Add-In with the motion study selected from the drop-down box, and then try to import the saved ASM into Visualize Pro, I don't get any of the Animation details.  The 'Animation' checkbox option in Visualize is blanked out, and it says something indication to use the "Export Advanced" option.


My main CAD PC doesn't have a GL-capable video card, so I always run Visualize on a different PC that has a suitable card.  It's not been a problem until this issue where I've tried to export animations.