2007 Evaluated Value

Discussion created by Guest on Aug 29, 2006
I might not have been clear in my previous post, so i am including screen shots of the differences in the Design Tables between SW 2006 and SW 2007. As you can see from the images the display in 2006 displays the Evaluated Value from the "Weight" and the "Material" portion of the "Configuration Specific" properties. I have looked at about everything I can think of to get the "Evaluated Value" to display in the Design Table as it does in SW 2006 and not in SW 2007. The bad part of this is if I open a SW 2006 "Design Table" in a SWv 2006 saved file with SW 2007, it converts the Design Table Value to the Value/Test Expression in SW 2007. I hope this makes it a little clearer comparing the two images. Both images have the SW version typed in the top area of the image.
I.E. SW 2006, SW 2007.

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