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Why is offset on surface unavailable (grayed out)? Also a discussion about cut-sweep

Question asked by Tyler Nichol on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2018 by Brian Brazeau

Hi Forum,


I want to use the Offset on Surface sketch tool but it is grayed out and I have no idea why.


I want to use the blue curve as a cut-sweep path for the sketch visible in the screenshot below. The normal behavior of the cut-sweep feature does not produce the geometry I want. I want the sweep profile to follow the sweep path such that the profile sketch vertical direction is normal to the cylindrical surface at all points along the sweep path.


I figure to get that to happen I need to use guide curves in my sweep feature, and the guide curve I would need to make is an offset of the sweep path on the cylinder surface.


But my offset on surface command is unavailable. Does anybody know why? Alternatively, does anybody know how I can get the cut-sweep results I'm shooting for any other way?


I'm using SW 2017 Standard.