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    Performance test Macro

    Matt Juric

      I want to do some testing on model settings, system settings etc and see their effect on performance. Are there any macro's out there that might do a series of operations, open a model, rotate it, copy or insert a file and so on, save and close and then keep track of the time it took to do it?



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          Ned Hutchinson

          Solidworks RX?

          2018-11-01 14_50_02-SOLIDWORKS Rx.png

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              Matt Juric

              Rx is more of a computer systems test rather than a SW's test. From the description;


              The performance test pushes your computer hard and geared toward the comparison of CPU performance.


              I'm pretty sure our hardware is ok. What I want to find out is.


              1) Effect of different settings in the OS

              2) Effect of different settings in SW

              3) Effect of different approaches to modeling

                   a) Detail level

                   b) Shading

                   c) Mates

                   d) old versions

                   e) etc.


              My goal would be to have a macro that would open one of our large assemblies, do some number of manipulations and then close it. Add up the time and take note of it. I'd then go in and make some system changes, run again. Return back, make some SW changes, run...and so on.


              By doing that I can tell where we would see the largest gains and what is causing the most issues.