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    Visualize licence - how to...

    Wojciech Paterski

      How can I get Visualize 2019 serial number to install it on non SW machine... We have network licensing for our SW but we are still on 2016 version, and won't be upgrading for a while if at all...:(

      But when I try to get product registered in my solidworks account it doesn't give me any option for visualize. we have SW premium.

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          Albie Waterton



          This link here, explains how to get your serial number for Visualize very clearly:

          How to Obtain Your Complimentary Serial Number for Visualize Standard


          And to add on top of that for network licenses, use the same serial number as your SOLIDWORKS license, simply reactivate the network license manager for 2017 and enter this serial number under both SOLIDWORKS and Visualize when installing on the clients.


          If you purchased Visualize Standard separately or have purchased Visualize Professional, you will use the same serial number as Visualize 2016. Also new for SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional users is Visualize Boost (network rendering), this can be obtained from My Products using a similar process as above.

          Alternatively, your VAR (Value added reseller) will be able to get you your Visualize Serial Number for you and help you with setting this up.

          As for setting up Visualize on a non-SolidWorks machine, you will need to run the Installation Manager on the machine in question and on the 'Products Summary' page just select to install SolidWorks Visualize.