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Data card linked to Excel based ECN file looses data on the card when checked in.

Question asked by Jeff Thomas on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2018 by Tim Webb

All of the details below have been created in our test vault.

I have created an Excel based ECN file that is linked to the data card. The ECN is created with a PDM template that generates the folder and file with applicable variables. The data card opens and information is entered on the card. Only the Assigned Engineer, Product Category and Reason for ECN are not generated by the template. Create and open file.

All the linked variables are added to the ECN file.


Save and close the file, then check into the vault and the data card looks like this afterwards. Values are missing from the data card but are still present in the ECN file. I can't get the data on the card to repopulate no matter what I do.

However, if I copy the file and check it in the data reappears on the card and stays on the card after check in.

I am officially flummoxed, any ideas?


We are using SW 2018 sp2.0 and PDM 18.20.0057.


Thanks for the help;

BTW I am using an old account as I am unable to create a new one with my new employer


Jeff Thomas

Design Engineer