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Sub-assembly within a top assembly: "Assembly Feature" hole within a subassembly punches the whole upper world...

Question asked by Heikki Jalonen on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by Heikki Jalonen

Cutting an equipment case opening inside a sub-assembly, a sheetmetal frame (Assembly Features/Extruded Cut, with appropriate skecth).  Then getting back up to Top Assembly.  And vóila: adjacent subassembly (the poor equipment case) which should sit in the newly made opening is also cut within the given cut rules - the very rules in the frame assy and nowhere else.


Have I misunderstood the entire idea of assembly features?  Are they just "features"?  "Feature Scope" doesn't help, since while working with the sub  it offers no options concerning to upper level structures - of course, why should it?  But why in the heck the cut then impacts, not only upwards but also laterally?  What went wrong, what should I do?  Turn back to AI?


(SW 2017, SP5.0, Win7)