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    Solidworks 2019 on Microsoft Surface Pro 6

    Matthew Henion

      1) Solidworks has added support of the Microsoft Surface Dial to Solidworks 2019, but they still don't list any Microsoft products as "certified" - do we know if they plan on certifying any of the Microsoft devices?

      (The Surface Book and Surface Studio are shown as "Tested" and able to run Solidworks but not "Certified" - and there is no mention of the Surface Pro)


      2) Has anyone tested Solidworks 2019 on Microsoft Surface Pro 6? Would a SP 6 (2018) with Intel UHD Graphics 620 perform better then a SP5 (2017) with Iris Plus 640?

      Is seems the only issue with running Solidworks on a non-certified is the lack of "RealView Graphics" (which to me is not an issue at all, I never use it even on my beefed up Quaddro system), and supposedly a less stable environment - so in theory based off the SW system requirements of 3.3 GHz Processor & 16 GB Ram it should work.


      3) How much space is required to install Solidworks? I can't seem to find this spec anywhere.


      4) I've heard there's been changes to how the license sharing works in recent years - is there an easy to follow reference anywhere for if/how I could share my main license with a 2nd (or even 3rd) device?