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Solidworks 2019 on Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Question asked by Matthew Henion on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2019 by joseph darcey

1) Solidworks has added support of the Microsoft Surface Dial to Solidworks 2019, but they still don't list any Microsoft products as "certified" - do we know if they plan on certifying any of the Microsoft devices?

(The Surface Book and Surface Studio are shown as "Tested" and able to run Solidworks but not "Certified" - and there is no mention of the Surface Pro)


2) Has anyone tested Solidworks 2019 on Microsoft Surface Pro 6? Would a SP 6 (2018) with Intel UHD Graphics 620 perform better then a SP5 (2017) with Iris Plus 640?

Is seems the only issue with running Solidworks on a non-certified is the lack of "RealView Graphics" (which to me is not an issue at all, I never use it even on my beefed up Quaddro system), and supposedly a less stable environment - so in theory based off the SW system requirements of 3.3 GHz Processor & 16 GB Ram it should work.


3) How much space is required to install Solidworks? I can't seem to find this spec anywhere.


4) I've heard there's been changes to how the license sharing works in recent years - is there an easy to follow reference anywhere for if/how I could share my main license with a 2nd (or even 3rd) device?