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Pack and Go - Can I capture Saved Bodies References?

Question asked by Daen Hendrickson on Oct 30, 2018
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I am STILL using SW2014 SP5


Is there a method to use Pack and Go and capture references to saved bodies?


I use multi-body sheet metal often. I then save the bodies to individual files so that I can send to outside vendors for water jet and other processes.


I recently used Pack and Go to make a copy of a design as a starting point for a new version. However, P&G does not give an option for bringing along the saved body files. I tried manually copying and renaming these files, then updating their references to point to the new version of the multi-body file. And this sort of works, but more often than not the Save Bodies feature breaks and if you try to update it... there is no joy down that road. In the end, the clean up to get the copied files to behave is more effort than starting over. The steps to start over are all straight-forward enough. But it generates so much rework.


Just wondering if anyone has figured out a work around...