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Solidworks Composer 2018 Rendering Issue, Jittery instead of smooth when rendering video

Question asked by Mackenzie Schultz on Oct 29, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by Thomas Kurtmann

I have set up a video to be rendered, and when I scrub through the timeline, the edges are smooth and how I want them to look. When I go to render out the video though, the edges change to a jittery looking edge. I have attached a photo of what it looks like, and an image of how it looks when I scrub through the timeline. I have tried changing the window resolution, the jittering passes and FPS in the settings, but it still has the same result. I am using the Workshops>Publishing>Video tab to render it out. Is this the correct way to render it out?


I tested to see if the Workshops>Publishing>High Resolution Image> Animation check box works. It saved the frames as images and then I brought them into After Effects to make it a video, but that only made the images really blurry, and I couldn't use it. Plus it took a few hours to complete.