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Import / Export Options are missing

Question asked by Jonas Tampus on Oct 30, 2018
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I am trying to open JT files on solidworks. I browse thru solidworks and it says it can open JT files.


From this link, 2018 SOLIDWORKS Help - Support for JT Files in SOLIDWORKS , it says:


Support for JT Files in SOLIDWORKS


The SOLIDWORKS software can read JT files.


  • SOLIDWORKS supports JT versions 8.x, 9.x, and 10.x.
  • 3D Interconnect reads parts containing JTBrep and XtBrep with visual properties.
  • Assemblies with assembly structure of all four variations: Atomic, Monolithic, Shattered, and SameAs NX.


SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect does not support:

  • JT files with no Brep, or visualization data, or only with tessellation data.
  • JT files that have desolated data.
  • Custom properties of JT files.



When i tried to tinker on the system option, i cannot find the "IMPORT" and "EXPORT" options. This is what i have:


No Import Export_01-01.jpg


Is there anything wrong with my version of Solidworks? Is it a software license issue?