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Getting animations into Vis pro installed on a different pc

Question asked by Steven McCallion on Oct 29, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by Steven McCallion

Hi all,


I presume there's a simple answer to this and I'm just searching with the wrong keywords.


My colleague wants to render an animation.

She has a trial of Vis-pro 2019 on her pc.

I have SW-premium 2018 and Vis-standard 2018 installed on my pc.

I have the Vis add-in running.


We can't figure out how to get the animated information to her.

Does one need to have both SW and Vis-pro on the same pc to be able to perform the advanced export/import process?


She has tried just opening up the soldworks assembly in a shared directory. No go.

I have tried:

Export Simple, which will open Vis-standard on my computer, but of course not show any animation information. Saving as a vis project. Which she then opens in vis-pro. No go.

Export Advanced, chosen the animation, and then vis-standard starts up. Again no animation info of course (because standard). Tried saving the project. If she opens the project in vis-pro it's a no go.


Thanks in advance.