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    Linear Sketch Pattern spacing dimension not accurate

    Andres Hernández

      I am just trying to make the etched measuring lines on a ruler like in the picture below. I am using the linear sketch pattern feature but I am getting a few errors. It is telling me the sketch is over defined and also the lines aren't lining up correctly according to the spacing I am giving them. I believe there aren't enough significant figures for that dimension, which normally wouldn't be a problem since it is such a small error but after 90 instances you can see a big difference, see other picture. I have also attached the solidworks file. Any help is appreciated, thank you!


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          Rob Edwards

          Hi Andres

          Im not quite sure I understand the problem but you do not need to add a spacing dimension in a linear sketch pattern.

          Your sketch is blue (undefined), can you not just drag the end point where you want it


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            Glenn Schroeder

            My usual recommendation when people are having problems with sketch patterns is to abandon them, create a single instance with the sketch, and then pattern that.  I recommend the same here.

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              Josh Brady

              This looks like a bug in the user interface.  At least in 2017... Might be fixed in 2018.

              Here is a linear sketch pattern, spacing of 0.38mm:


              Here's what happens when I type in 0.375 and hit "Enter"... You can see the preview in yellow of the closer spacing, but look at the spacing box... It's rounded to 0.38.  At this point, if I hit the check mark or enter again, the preview and/or actual pattern instances move to a 0.38 spacing.  The same sort of thing happens if I type in 1/16" and hit "Enter".  The value in the box becomes 1.59mm instead of the correct value of 1.5875mm.  If I hit the checkmark while the box still reads 1/16" the spacing is created correctly. 



              If I hit the checkmark immediately after typing 0.375 (instead of hitting "enter") the pattern spaces out correctly.  I'm about 99.9% sure this is a bug, although a minor one with an easy workaround.  The model posted has lots of other issues that I'm too lazy to fix, but the root cause of the original misalignment is the inappropriate rounding of the value typed into the "spacing" box.  To fix, either type the value and immediately hit the checkmark, use the "dimension x spacing" and fix the dimension afterwards, or constrain the endpoints etc. in some other way after pattern creation as Dave mentioned.  Again... It's a minor bug, but SW should NEVER round user input that generates geometry, no matter what the context.

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                Elmar Klammer

                Check your model units. Change them to the required precision.

                I think SW is rounding it to the digits sets.