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Question asked by Kyle Taylor on Oct 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2019 by Andrew Holowack

Both of our computers running 2019 are having consistent issues that are causing pipe routing to take 5x longer than it normally would. First off, after adding flanges and starting a new spool, it changes the pipe schedule to SCH 20. Every time. No matter what. You're getting SCH 20. Now when you go through and change route diameter to put SCH 40 back in, it fixes that, then changes the radius on EVERY adjacent elbow in the route, to 3R. (3x pipe diameter radius). Which causes major problems if you have any flanges within the vicinity of that elbow and they do a 180 and face the wrong direction. Another problem is the "remove pipe" function. Pretty regularly instead of it actually removing the pipe section, it just puts a random dimension in. Could be the current length of that pipe, could be 2". 75% of the time it will do that instead of remove pipe. We often use construction lines to space flanges instead of modeling a valve to drop in and when you fix route diameter it will delete whatever dimension we put in and puts the flanges face to face. Anyone else experiencing these issues? We just lost about 5 hours of work today just getting through a route that should have been an hour's worth of work tops.