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    Solidworks screen

    Gabriel Castilho

      Hi all.


      I usually use my Solidworks on two screens, main display on the laptop monitor and Solidworks screen on my desktop monitor (HDMI). Whenever I am travelling, and I use only the laptop screen, SW opens on the laptop normally, however this time it opened outside of the bound of my monitor, as if it there was another monitor connected. I could not find a way to access SW. it simply is opened on a "phantom monitor".


      Has anyone experienced the same problem an knows how to solve it?




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          Dave Bear

          Clutching at straws but did you check that any and all settings that were relative to a 2nd monitor were disabled?



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            Alex Burnett

            There are a few options out there if you search online for "move application that is off screen with keyboard".


            The one I've used is to hold shift and right click the application in the task bar then select Move. Then you can use the arrow keys or your mouse to bring it back into view.

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              Rob Edwards

              Hi Try


              ALT - Space


              arrow keys


              once you have started moving the window with the arrow keys.. I think you can just use the mouse

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                Kevin Chandler

                To find lost windows (not just SW ones), I wrote a utility, posted here: Find lost dialog/window utility (using Autohotkey) V1.01 update


                You'll need to enter a case-sensitive portion of the title.

                This is the SW title, it's not just the currently active file's path and file name:

                So enter SOLID (this should be unique enough) in all uppercase and hopefully the utility will find SW and move it to your main screen.




                EDIT: That's obviously an English install title tooltip shown.

                To get your local language install image of the same thing, let your cursor hover over the SolidWorks tab in the Windows taskbar.

                Eventually, a tooltip box similar to mine should display (Windows 10, SW2018).

                You don't need to have an SW file open for this to work.

                This is what's displayed with just SW running:

                The text you enter into the utility's input box must uniquely match what's shown for you, including case.