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    revision control

    luke dearth
      When we set up our workflow for our standard products we set it to inc the revision once the part/drawing went from "RELEASED" to "UNDER REVISION". Basically, once you take a file out of the released state, it automatically increases the revision. This has cause some to get very confused. so, we would like to change our workflow to inc the revision once it goes into a "RELEASED" state from "PENDING APPROVAL". The problem is that for parts that have gone to from "RELEASED TO "UNDER REVISION", the revision level has already jumped form A to B. if we make a change to our workflow, the revision will jump to C once it is promoted to "RELEASED" without any changes.

      does anyone have a way to add a transition and state to our workflow that will allow us to take the example above and move the revision negatively back to B? This is something we would like our Administrator to be able to do.

        • revision control
          Jeff Sweeney
          I don't think you can change the revision backwards. It seems like that would be a bad thing...changing history can disrupt the time space continuum.

          I think it may be best to investigate changing your workflow instead. I like to change the revision variable as the file come out of the RELEASED state, but not actually incrementing the revision itself until the file goes back into the RELEASED state.

          This give me the advantage not confusing the designers...they see they are working on revision B, because that is what the revision variable says (and this is what they normally see in the drawing titleblock), yet the file isn't really B (as far as Enterprise is concerned) until it is again approved.