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no evidence of deleted child

Question asked by Marek Petrzilka on Oct 26, 2018
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Hi all,

I am qiute new to SWX (SWX premium 2018 SP2.0), working in it just for 6 weeks but I worked for almost 11 years in Inventor so changeover wasnt as bad as I expected because there are lot of similarities in those softwares.

To my problem....If I delete any parent-feature, which has one or more children, it deletes all its children as well. I spent last few days reading forums, so I finally understand why it happens, but my struggle is, that there is no evidence left in design tree of deleted features without sketch (draft, fillet, chamfer). If the feature has sketch (eg extrude, revolve etc) at least its sketch is left in design tree - which is not perfect, but gives me any chance to find out what feature disappears after deleting its parent, but non-sketch features dissapear completely whithout any notification. Am I missing some setting about this or thats just how SWX works?? I know that I shouldnt compare, but if I did the same thing in Inventor (deleting parent feature) all its children stayed in design tree with error message about missing reference, which is imo much better than if they dissapear comletely.


thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions