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Selecting draft features

Question asked by Michael Paul on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by Matt Lombard

am i missing something super easy or is it not possible to pick draft features from your model directly?


I do plastic parts all day long, every day and every feature has draft.  sometimes i draft while creating the feature but more often than not I put my draft on at the end of the model.  my issue is when I want to edit that draft.  as a former Pro-E user, if i clicked on an extrude that had draft, the first feature to be picked would be the draft.  if I really wanted the extrude I had to query select.


in SW, whenever I click directly on the feature that has draft, i can only select the extrude itself.  the only way I can pick the draft is to go to my feature tree and then manually hover over each and every draft in three to see what highlights until I find the correct draft I want to edit.  this is rather time consuming and inefficient.


am I missing an easier way to select my draft from the model directly?  my company is transitioning from Creo/Pro E to SW and I've been on SW mostly for the past year.