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Base Flange/Tab doesn't Merge

Question asked by Melvin Beiler on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by Maha Nadarasa

So I'm trying to create a "Tab" with a bend in it, to connect two pcs of sheet metal. Who would have known that you can't merge them when using a bend??


  • My goal, create this part with two options of corners (square versus round)
  • I need the capability to suppress and un-suppress the corner option from design tables. Using combine didn't work because it doesn't unsuppress along with the base flange. I would have to do it for each feature.
  • I do have multiple features that get driven by a design table so I have to be careful what I in "delete body"
  • I did use to "Edge Flange" and 1 additional "Tab" to merge the faces of those parts but it seems like a lot of features to accomplish this.
    • Which brought up another merge question, (see below) Seems simple enough, but it doesn't work!
  • Can anyone know if a quicker solution? It justs seems to me that the merge option should be there?? For "base Flange/Tab" or "Edge Flange".
  • See my solution attached, this is just a sample model.. Below is what I am working with...