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    BOM Block export to autocad - block reference problems 

    Todd Burrough

      When exporting a SWDrawing to autocad the block names for items including the BOM Table and other tables is the same so if a SW exported dwg is copied into another dwg with also a exported SW exported dwg all the text and info in the newly copied in drawing is reverted to what is already there - hence giving all bom tables the same text


      is there an export function in SW that will break/explode the block reference and just make the tables text and lines so this double block reference issue doesn't happen - this can be done manually before copying dwg


      Reason we want to do this is as a review of multiple assy in the same space where no SW program allows this and autocad allows us to line up and review in a more logical fashion 


      any help other than manually done at time of each copy to the matrix dwg 




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          Tom Gagnon

          I don't exactly understand, but I'll try to help. Your first paragraph in particular makes little sense to me.


          Do you know that you can save a BOM (or any other) table as an Excel file? That makes it disassociative to changes, but easy to summarize through formulas and/or perpetuate it into other documents.


          You can also make an assembly that contains many other assemblies, and then create a BOM of that assembly. Sort it, export, and load total qty info for your purchaser in relation to totality of a project or deliverable or contract or w/e. If you have questions on this, I can try to find and link a recent post of mine where I detail that process a bit more.


          I do both of those, and use a BOM template formatted with sorts for export into a hamhanded excel sheet standardized by others.

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            Phu Pham Van

            I use multysheet for 1 file drawing. BOM will be blocks BLOCK01-...BLOCKn. Do not many file for one project.