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Flow Works not recognizing all the geometry in my assemblyHello

Question asked by Nathan Wright on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by Nathan Wright

Hello all! I am a Mechanical Engineering major at UT Austin and I am currently working on a project.


I am simulating the flow around a vessel that incorporates a non-detachable trailer with extendable floats. Also, the wheels and suspension will remain in the water. I am looking to quantify the drag created by this moving through the water. Everything has been going great but I am running into one issue that I cannot seem to fix.


When I do a geometry check and check the box "create solid body assembly" to check that all of my assembly is being represented, well I am sure you can guess that it isn't. That part that is not being recognized are the wheels and axles I have in place. However, when I do a simulation of just the wheels and axle, the geometry is recognized. This faulty obviously carries into the calculations and simulation as the wheels and axles are not recognized for some reason.


Also, yes all the components are checked in the "check geometry" window and these should not be surfaces as they are bodies due to the extrusion. It will recognize the frame that simulates the suspension linkage, but not the axle or wheels. Basically, everything but the round stuff.


I am hoping someone can help me sort this out! I have attached the assembly file, and all the part files.