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Question asked by Stacey Boudreaux on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by Stacey Boudreaux

I am need of .sldprt files for an outside engineering company.  I have a 3d solid model generated by AutoCAD.  No intelligence, just plain jane extrusions, subtractions, revolves, etc.  Obviously, autocad cannot export  to a .sldprt file.   so i thinking to try the following:

1. open solidworks insert  dwg file as 3d curves or model.  then run featureworks. 

2. open autocad and export the file as a ACIS (.sat) file.  open solidworks and insert the file.  save the file as .sldprt.


1. after bringing in the dwg model and running featureworks on it.  there now is an array of features like fillets, chamfers, etc that are filed in disarray. 

holes that I had threaded are not recognized as threads, etc.  I'm not sure the engineer that needs the file can use it like this.  but it can be saved as a .sldprt file.


2.  after bringing in the .sat file, everything was converted to a surface.  I'm not sure if the engineer that needs this can use it like this.  but it can be saved as a .sldprt file.


any suggestions