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Addin creation : or C# ?

Question asked by Jerome De San Nicolás on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by Christian Chu

Hi all,


That's it, I'll (try to) develop my own addin.

Thanks to the forum, I manage to install Visual studio, the api dsk, and the project templates both for C# and VB.NET. (ho yeah!)


But what is the best language to go for, from a SolidWorks point of view ?

Is there some limitation of a language on an other (on some SolidWorks features for example) ? Maybe both are equally powerful so it's just a personal choice.

I only know vba and python, so I'll have to learn a new language (even if looks like vba) and I want to choose the best one, even if I need to learn C#.


Thank for your feedback.