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    Addin creation : Vb.net or C# ?

    Jerome De San Nicolás

      Hi all,


      That's it, I'll (try to) develop my own addin.

      Thanks to the forum, I manage to install Visual studio, the api dsk, and the project templates both for C# and VB.NET. (ho yeah!)


      But what is the best language to go for, from a SolidWorks point of view ?

      Is there some limitation of a language on an other (on some SolidWorks features for example) ? Maybe both are equally powerful so it's just a personal choice.

      I only know vba and python, so I'll have to learn a new language (even if vb.net looks like vba) and I want to choose the best one, even if I need to learn C#.


      Thank for your feedback.