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    How does Solidworks interact with ECi M1?

    Darryl McPherson

      I know this is very broad; but how does Solidworks data cards interact with the ECi M1 Software? Maybe the question needs to go back further- as in, how to part data cards relate to creating an assembly? Then how does ECi M1 interpret those relationships to create a BOM that correctly represents, for example, a toggle switch in a device box > the device box in a rack-mounted enclosure > the enclosure mounted in an RU rack ... all being pulled from a 3D model?


      Also, what if someone wants to take a "list", like a spread-sheet of components > sub-assemblies > and assemblies and have them imported into ECi M1, how would the data need to be represented in a spreadsheet or database to become a BOM that reflects the relationships between components, sub-assemblies, and assemblies?



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          Artem Taturevych

          Hi Darryl,


          We are specialised in ERP->PDM->CAD integration through our Enterprise software DataSuite. This provides high level of flexibility through built in ETL platform and rules engine. So you can basically define your workflow the way you want it and this can solve your second question as well as DataSuite can read the data from different sources and transform it according to your business rules. The workflow can be fully automated via triggers (e.g. PDM Approved or check-in etc.) so all the integration can be done on a server in background.


          Please send me a private message if you need more information.