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    Design table how to set sub assembly as flexible

    Jim Moses

      Hi all,


      I have a light curtain assembly and I have several configurations where I need certain sub assemblies to be flexible (mounting brackets), now how do I control this with a design table?


      as I do  not see the option and I really don't want to walk thru 48 configurations to set each one.



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          Deepak Gupta

          I do not think there is any option to control the sub assembly state via design table. So you may either look for a macro OR use the all configuration option when setting the flexible state


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            Dennis Dohogne


            Subassembly flexibility is not something that can be controlled in a Design Table (currently, but you should post it as an idea in the Top Ten List).


            There are a couple things you can do:

            1.  Add a duplicate subassembly.  Make one of these flexible and the other rigid.  Then suppress the flexible versions for the configurations where it needs to be rigid, and suppress the rigid version for the configurations where it needs to be flexible.  Depending on your situation this could be a lot of work since if you have other things mated to this subassembly then you would also have to duplicate those mates.

            2. Make the subassembly flexible for ALL configurations, but for the  configs where it needs to be rigid add a mate that confines the flexible nature.  If you pick a good mate that would apply to all the rigid configurations then it is a simple matter to set the suppression state of that mate.  This is probably the easiest way to achieve what you want.


            Be sure to name any dimension or mate that you want to appear in the Design Table.  It is a moment's work that pays huge dividends.

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              Jim Moses

              Hi all again,


              Forgot to mention this was on 2016.


              I was afraid of having to use the specific configurations list, I was hoping someone in between all the time the programmers have to mess with colors of icons, (I know its fixed now, just taking a dig) they must have added a option to do this as I can't be the only person doing this.


              Yeah I try to name things in my design tables especially when I have 40+ configurations.


              though I am having a fun time trying to change this the sup assembly works but in the upper level I have to manually change all the sub assemblies to flexible, not sure what is up but is a pain. 

                   Upper Level Below                                                                                          When I open the Sub Assembly Below


              I did the first assembly manually at the assembly level without editing the sub assembly which I didn't think was allowed




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                Glenn Schroeder

                If some instances of the sub-assemblies will be rigid, can you place mates to lock the positions of the components and have one configuration with these mates suppressed?  Then you could set all the sub-assemblies to flexible in the Assembly, and control which ones can actually move by selecting the "flexible" configurations for the instances you want to be able to more.  And that you can control with a design table.