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Is anyone able to help conceptually?

Question asked by Garet Holcomb on Oct 24, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by Kevin Pymm

I'm trying to work up an IP55 enclosure for a circuit board and I wonder if the brain trust here would enlighten me with experience. As you can see by the files and images, there's a sheet metal base and a plastic cover. The idea is that the sheet metal base wraps up around the front, and with appropriate cutouts, the sealing groove of that connector is captured between the edge of the sheet metal and molded features on the cover. There would be some sealing material between the base flange of the sheet metal part and the plastic cover around the perimeter.


What's getting me is trying wrap my brain around how to get the sheet metal to fold upward and engage with the connector while maintaining some sort of seal through the transition. I feel like it should be straightforward but I just don't see it and it's driving me nuts.


I have the freedom to change the geometry however I want. Can anyone offer insight or point me to some resource they've seen that might help me break this loose in my head?