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Top Ten List - Suggestions

Question asked by Dennis Dohogne on Oct 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2019 by Alex Lachance

Hopefully by now you have all had a chance to go here: SOLIDWORKS World 2019 Top Ten List (TTL) and start looking these ideas over.  Idea submission ends on December 12th and voting opens December 13th.  Between now and the 13th there will probably be around 1,000 ideas posted!


Here a few suggestions to help you get the most out of the list and to help SWX help us.  


1. BOOKMARK the ones you like as you read them.  It will shorten your work significantly when it comes time to vote. 


2. Submit your own ideas.  Be sure to make the description clear and thorough, giving examples where appropriate.  Be open to suggestions for modifying/improving the idea.  PLEASE USE A GOOD DESCRIPTIVE TITLE.  Remember, the TTL is an acknowledged, but informal Enhancement Request system.  Being an informal system you do not get an ER nor an SPR number assigned to it and the whole TTL is removed forever from our view shortly after voting ends.  However, the TTL is much easier to navigate and comment on than the formal Enhancement Request system, making for better use and better shaping of the ideas.


EDIT:  Submit ANY idea you have for improving SWX.  ANY idea.  It does not need to be one that is so fantastic it is sure to be in the top ten of the final votes.  This is a golden opportunity to easily tell SWX developers what can improve the software.  The added benefit of doing it here on the TTL is that others can easily chime in with their comments to add their voices and help shape the idea.


3. Add constructive comments to the ideas.  These comments help to clarify and shape the idea.  This is a huge help to SWX since it gives them a better definition of the idea and as they say, a problem well defined is a problem half solved.  Please minimize the replies that are merely conversational, or worse, off-topic.


4. Keep a log of your own ideas and even of others that you really like.  Myself, I copy and past the ideas into a Word document each year called SolidWorks Top Ten List 2018 Suggestions.docx (changing the year of course). This way I can see what I submitted or ideas from others that I saved from previous years.  It also makes it easy to submit something I submitted before.  Remember, the more it shows up on the radar screens at SWX the more likely it is to get implemented.


5. Be a conscientious voter.  Do not vote based on anything other than your desire to see the idea implemented.  Please do not vote based on popularity; (there have already been many suggestions to eliminate visibility of the votes just to help with this).  The votes mean something to SWX so they should mean something to us as well.  Though it is nice to have your own idea, or even one you voted for, show up in the final top ten, really you should use your vote (and comments) as a voice to tell SWX how much you need a particular idea to be implemented.


Carry on.