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Dimension with multiple leaders points to corner of sheet after check in to EPDM.

Question asked by Shawn Stugard on Oct 24, 2018

I'm doing some revisions for a client and I have a drawing that is acting very strangely. I have a dimension with 2 leaders pointing to 2 identical cut-extrudes. Whenever I check the drawing into EPDM, one of the leaders jumps down to the lower left corner of the sheet (sheet origin? is that a thing?). This is an 8 page drawing, and there are dimensions on other sheets done exactly the same way, those do not have the issue.


I tried deleting and recreating the dimension. No luck

I tried check-out --> CTRL-Q --> save --> check-in. It looks fine till I check it in, then...Same thing.


If I activate the sheet (sheet8) and do a CTRL-Q, the leader snaps back to where it is supposed to be. If I just click on the leader, it also snaps back to normal.


Normally I'd just shrug my shoulders and move on, but I'm afraid that EPDM will generate PDFs with this problem shown. I manually created a PDF for checking and it had this issue unless I activated the sheet and did a forced-rebuild first.



SW2017 SP4.1   I'd like to provide screenshots or a file, but I don't have permission from the client for any of that.