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    PDM data card for excel files couldn't write in linked cell

    Hazem Taha



      i'm using a PDM template to run excel file, and there are editbox on data card fill a cell inside the excel sheet.


      but, when this cell is equal to another cell with simple excel function (=), the PDM data card couldn't write in the excel file.


      is it a limitation ? or there is a workaround ?


      could anyone help ?

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          Nadia Shea

          PDM can only deliver data to the ‘custom properties’ of the Excel file.


          From there, you have to use Exel functions to map that custom property to a cell within the file itself. There are several Excel functions that  push/pull data between custom properties and cells.  These functions can also vary between the many versions of Excel that run out there, so it’s also important to consider ensuring all users in your environment have the same version MS Office.

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            Nadia Shea

            Sorry for shorthand, on phone.


            Open the excel file, go to file, info and you should see a link named ‘properties.  Click on that, navigate to the tab named ‘custom’.


            Image example link: Google Image Result for https://support.content.office.net/en-us/media/b38ccaa1-e092-46d6-b461-8d03a91ea169.png

            (can’t figure out how to insert photo from



            If you see data there from PDM, PDM has done it’s intended job successfully.   To push this data from this location into a cell within Excel file, it requires a Excel function that PDM has no ability to control. Similar to Solidworks Drawings, the file itself may need to be rebuilt or reloaded for the Excel function to execute.  Most common Excel function used is ‘Link to Content’ but this may not be function consistently with older versions of excel.  Other Excel functions are available as well that only push (or pull) data from custom property to cell, thus creating a one direction data push.


            If data is missing from PDM is missing from that custom property tab on the Excel file itselr, you’ll want to look at your PDM card and variable configuration.