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How Do I Move an Entire Sketch to a Reference Point?

Question asked by Mark Buchler on Oct 24, 2018
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Hello again-

(see screen capture below)


The sketch you see was copied from one SW file, then pasted into a new part document open sketch. As I am new to SW, I am wondering, after selecting/highlighting my sketch (dimensions included), how do I move it to my center coordinate point (at the center of the vertical and horizontal intersecting dotted lines at left)? In Rhino (and in Adobe Illustrator) I can simply select any point, then drag to my desired destination point until the points "snap" together. So, just to add an abundance of clarification, I want the centerpoint of the sketch to reside at dead center of my coordinates. What's the best way to do this? And, does SW have any grid or "snap to grid/snap to point capabilities I should be aware of?





Moving a Sketch.JPG