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Can "transfer material from profile" be turned off by default in structural members?

Question asked by Rachayl Duker on Oct 24, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by Bjorn Hulman

As I use the same profile shapes in parts having different grades of steel or stainless steel, I don't usually want the material transferred from the profile's library file.

But usually, it selects this option by default, so I have to de-select it (if I notice it's happened).

Furthermore, when I edit a structural member feature to change a profile, it almost always tries to turn on "transfer material..." even if it was off previoiusly.

Furthermore, when I de-select "Transfer Material from Profile", I sometimes find that the material definition has now been removed from the entire part (not always.)

Some of my library files do not have a material defined, but they give me trouble too (not always. But anyway, I'm not excited about the idea of editing a whole weldment profile library to remove the material from each file...)

Am I missing an off-by-default setting, or should this be an enhancement request?