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Discussion created by Sean O'Neill on Oct 24, 2018
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Hey API Community,


I hope all is well! I wanted to check in here to share with you guys that I've created a video in honor of Halloween/Mischief Night this year, which aims to show that the SOLIDWORKS API can be a fun thing to tinker with.


SOLIDWORKS Pranks - Making Macro Mischief with the API - YouTube


Whether you're an experienced API user or someone getting into the API for the first time, I think you'll enjoy the video. It's not often that you see 'just for fun' API content, so I thought it'd be welcome here on the forums. :-)


In the description for the video, you'll find the macro files I used, as well as a link to a playlist going through the macros line-by-line.


If you use the API in some capacity and you're looking to share some cool but relevant content with your networks, please feel free to share this post.

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Happy coding, and happy pranking!