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Link cutlist item numbers to notes

Question asked by Harry Butler on Oct 24, 2018
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Hi everyone,

I apologise if my query has been dealt with already, but my searches found nothing conclusive. Anyway to the question, the majority of our work involves multi body weldments with fabrications in excess of 150 unique parts and often multiples of each. For many years we've been identifying the components by a manually entered number in the Cut-List Properties dialogue box against a Property Name 'ITEM' (see image below). We've done it this way so as to be able to recall that Cut-List information on our drawing sheets in various notes or labels, pretty grass roots stuff.IMG 2.png    

In an effort to minimise data entry and allow us to sort the drawing Cut-List information as either ascending or descending we've decided to try and utilize the system generated Cut-List Table Column Properties Item Number to provide not only balloon numbering but also individual component identification on detailing sheets. The obstacle I can't seem to get past is finding the code or syntax of the ITEM NO.'s so I can write it into a note or label?????

IMG 3.png

The image above probably best shows the need for sorting, I'd like to group all the materials in the description column into their various types without rearranging the item numbers hence the need to abandon the Cut List Item Property # column in favour of the system generated one.


IMG 4.png

Image above added to hopefully provide a little more clarity.

All help appreciated. We're currently running 2018 SP 4.0