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Attempting to get edge milling to act as a cut in not a pocket.

Question asked by Conor Smith on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by Michael Buchli

I'm using SW2018 with the SOLIDWORKS CAM add-in, and I'm struggling to get the correct operations at the edge of the piece. I'm working with 2x1 box tubing, and am attempting to cut an angle at one end.



If I have the piece set up in this way, no machinable feature shows up, and if I add in my own, for instance a slot corresponding to the sketch the cut is made from, it mills starting with a plunge, instead of from the edge:


If, on the other hand, I leave a small amount of stock and then choose that face as my slot, I can extend the end condition and get the milling style (edge in, never plunging) that I want:




My question is how do I get the edge style milling without having to leave this small amount of stock, as it doesn't work for assemblies, etc?


Thank you.